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According to our R&D team, the kids’ needs have been radically changed post-pandemic. After spending almost two years at home, they require an open, free and joyful learning environment to grow with developed social and emotional skills. Considering the need of our children, our experts have designed a New Campus named Little Marvels exclusively for Preschool.

The Little Marvels Preschool, powered by Shanti Asiatic Bopal has redrawn and redefined the boundaries of cognitive and creative thoughts as a preeminent Preschool Center. Our rigorous, Education + Care approach helps nurture progressive and happy kids.

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Message from Centre Head Desk

Every object that mankind creates is based on the knowledge that he attains through education. At Little Marvels Preschool, Powered by Shanti Asiatic we believe that each child is unique and education should help them bring out their potential that already exists without harming their uniqueness.

We also aim towards holistic development of a child as the world has become a global village and the opportunities are not limited to the boundaries with the advancement of the technology.

Zeba Saudagar,

Centre Head, Little Marvels Preschool-Powered by Shanti Asiatic

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Life @ Little Marvels

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Happy Parents

First of all, we as a parents observed the school environment is very disciplined. During the year we observed the teaching methodology, Curriculum and the engagement activities are as good as to sharpen kids. We experienced the extra activities like Story Telling, Rhyme recitation, show and tell activity, Give and Joy, and many more are so inspiring for my daughter and obvious to all kids. Apart from the regular teaching activity I do appreciate the Aashayein Program for the 100% participation and involvement.

Parent's of Shreeja Bhatt

Jr. KG-A

I can’t find enough words to express my gratitude to both of you. From a child who spent his early developmental years in lockdown to someone who wore a costume, stood on stage and performed that is a very big achievement for Ayaan. He has come a very long way. None of this would have been possible without your love, encouragement and constant help. “Thank you “from the bottom of my heart for being such fabulous teachers!

Student – Ayaan Shah ,

Father- Mitul Shah, Mother - Ketki Shah

We Thank you for all that the school management, the teachers and support staff have done for my kid in this Pre-school. I really appreciate all the effort put up by all of you.

Ravindra Mandal,

Parents of Aarush Mandal (Sr KG - B, Shanti Asiatic School)

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